6127 Roosevelt Hwy, Kitchen

Kitchen with Pantry ★★ More Pictures Below

Commercial Real Estate For Sale in Union City GA

Unique, All Brick Building with Southern Charm + Acreage

For Sale* By Owner, $310,000

⦿ Windowpane Glass Cabinets

⦿ Refrigerator

⦿ Microwave

⦿ Toaster Oven

⦿ Great View of Flowering Camellia Bush/Tree in Dec-Jan.

⦿ Pine flooring in Kitchen

⦿ Pantry in Kitchen (Used as office supply storage area)

⦿ Swinging door to/from kitchen & Professional Office

⦿ Built-in Ironing Board

⦿ Regrigerator in recessed nook

6127 Roosevelt Hwy, Union City, GA-Floorplan

6127 Roosevelt Hwy
Refrigerator in Kitchen

6127 Roosevelt Hwy

Toaster Oven/Microwave/Built-In Ironing Board

6127 Roosevelt Hwy
6127 Roosevelt Hwy, Union City, GA-Twilight View

*Regrettably, Leasing or Owner Financing Options Not Available

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