6127 Roosevelt Hwy
Kitchen with Pantry More Pictures Below

Union City, GA Office Space for Sale

Unique, All Brick Building with Southern Charm
6127 Roosevelt Hwy, Union City, GA 30291
For Sale* By Owner, $310,000

⦿ Windowpane Glass Cabinets

⦿ Refrigerator

⦿ Microwave

⦿ Toaster Oven

⦿ Great View of Flowering Camellia Bush/Tree in Dec-Jan.

⦿ Pine flooring in Kitchen

⦿ Pantry in Kitchen (Used as office supply storage area)

⦿ Swinging door to/from kitchen & Professional Office

⦿ Built-in Ironing Board

⦿ Regrigerator in recessed nook

6127 Roosevelt Hwy, Union City, GA-Floorplan

6127 Roosevelt Hwy
Refrigerator in Kitchen
6127 Roosevelt Hwy
Toaster Oven/Microwave/Built-In Ironing Board
6127 Roosevelt Hwy
6127 Roosevelt Hwy, Union City, GA-Twilight View

*Regrettably, Leasing or Owner Financing Options Not Available

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